Camera Systems

Secured — CCTV Camera in Starkville, MS
The demand for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in today's society has increased dramatically in the past 10 years. This trend is true for both Commercial & Residential applications.

We can provide Solutions to the very basic…”Who is that” to the more Robust …”Remote Access through Smart Phones, License Plate Identification, & Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras.


Speco Mobile is an iPhone app that allows a user to view live video from a Speco CS, LS, PS or GS model DVR.

With easy finger slide motion, users can view 1 to 16 channels either one screen at a time or 4 channels at a time using a quad view. When using an iPad, all 16 channels can be viewed at the same time. Both portrait and landscape modes are available as well.
There are numerous situations & applications for the types of cameras and recording devices. Please give us a call… (662) 323-0102 OR come visit our office where we have our most popular line of cameras installed & protecting our facilities!